About This Website

Like many websites, this one is meant to be informative. Informative for ‘who’ you ask?…I have no idea. If you’ve arrived here, something must have brought you here. Curiosity, research, boredom, a muscle spasm in your hand as it rests near your computer keyboard, or perhaps you were looking for a different Tyler Durling much more famous than me and I just happened to buy the domain name before that guy. None-the-less, here you are, reading this, likely wondering why you are. To summarize: this website was generated for fun. This website is meant to be changed, updated and modified over time, much like life. Its contents are fairly self-explanatory and are tied to no real goal. In a way, that’s the point.
Its contents are divided into art, work, family and life as displayed and expressed by Tyler (me). Art has always been an interest of mine; its beauty and creativity found so abundantly in nature, through organic expression and purity in its own existence. As for work, well, we all have to work. Especially so we can buy things we think other people would want. With Family, these are the relatives, siblings, parents, friends and influences that give life its purpose. Without family, life I can imagine would be rather droll. Which, speaking of life, leads to our final section — but then again, isn’t life just a combination of the previous three? Hmm.